Mapfigure Consulting provides GeoDiscernment. Applying expertise in geography and demography, we take in complex information—usually with a spatial component—and produce insight. We then can effectively illuminate and communicate that insight for diverse audiences.

We enjoy consultation and collaboration with people and entities in just about every sector; non-profit organizations, commercial businesses, law firms, government staff, and political bodies have all been among our past clients.

  • We relish solving multi-layered problems—particularly the principled redistricting of electoral/political districts.
  • The consultancy specializes in research and quantitative analysis of geographic and demographic data and relationships.
  • We have a proven track record of building compelling explanatory visuals and graphics—including exhibits for legal matters.
  • Founding principal Blake Esselstyn is a recognized expert available for testimony, other litigatory services, and speaking engagements.
  • With extensive experience (and professional certification) in the world of urban and regional planning, we have a particular affinity for such categories of work that grapple with questions of how to build a better future.

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